Note From the Universe

Monday, February 28, 2005

The Second Truth

All matter is made of energy. If we look at any item under a microscope and magnify sufficiently we will see that what appears to be solid is in fact not solid at all but made up of millions of atoms moving, colliding and held together by energy. Einstein went further than any other scientist by discovering that even the tiny atoms were not solid at all but were in fact made up of even more infinitesimal particles of energy. Every single thing that exists in this physical world first existed as pure thought. The chair you're sitting on, the clothes you're wearing, all first existed as a thought. Our thoughts are the purest form of energy. By combining, first thought, word and then action we make manifest on this earth anything that we want. It is important to understand that this truth exists whether we are aware of it or not. This is a spiritual law which operates without exception. So that we can go through life inadvertently allowing this truth to dictate our circumstances or we can harness this truth and waste no time on negative thoughts or actions. If you want to change your life change your mind!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Where is God?

Yesterday a close friend of mine asked me to do a 40 day course with her which was recommended by the best selling author Rick Warren through his book "Purpose Driven Life". I immediately accepted since I am attracted to any course of spiritual growth and empowerment. So I asked her to read me the foreword of the book over the phone and she did. She came to a point where the writer said "Self help books often suggest that you try to discover the meaning and purpose of your life by looking within yourself, but Rick Warren says that is the wrong place to start. You must begin with God, your Creator". As my friend read this I knew that I could not and would not do the course. Whilst I am not here to judge anyone or their belief's and I therefore say what I am about to say from the purest place of love - we are here to engage each other in this journey of life - to understand that we are all connected and that we all are one - What I do know is that that statement did not resonate as Spiritual Truth that I have come to know or re-member (as Neil Donald Walsch would say) through experience. The writer suggests we ought not to look within but we must look to GOD to find our purpose. The statement leads us to the question - WHERE IS GOD? If we look at the "Scriptures" (that the writer himself holds dear) - When Jesus taught us how to pray he said start your prayers like this " Our Father, who art in Heaven". Jesus also said "The Kingdom of Heaven (God) is within you". Therefore from the words of Jesus himself, God is within each and every one of us. Other scripture states "The body is the temple of the Lord" That is not to say that GOD is only within us - as we experience HIM we come to know that GOD is in all that is seen and unseen. God IS everywhere in everything. This is the concept of ominipresence that most theologians accept. The God Force holds all things together; so as we meditate on this we realise that truly We are all one with each other and with God. When you know that the Spirit of God resides within you, you know where to look for your TRUTH.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The First Truth ..

What a wonderful day this day is!! Thank you Lord for life, health, love and wealth! The most amazing thing about becoming sentient is that suddenly you're awakening out of a daydream, your life before you became aware was running on automatic. Now everything is different, now we understand that we cannot slumber. We must be diligent to watch our thoughts since "as we think so we are". We now understand that we have ultimate power to create our own destiny. The first step in charting our own course is understanding that we are responsible for every single circumstance that exists in our life. EVERY SINGLE CIRCUMSTANCE THAT WE FIND OURSELVES IN, BE IT GOOD BAD OR INDIFFERENT, IS AS A RESULT OF SOME THOUGHT WORD OR DEED THAT WE HAD OR DID! If you cannot accept this first immutable truth, then you cannot achieve the ultimate success that you long for. Meditate on that - your failed relationship, your credit card balance, your stressful work environment, your ill health were all created by you. Nine out of every ten peoply will probably not fully appreciate this TRUTH but once you do you can begin the miraculous process of leading the life that you want!. My blessings to you.

Monday, February 21, 2005

And so it begins...

So here we are at the start of the journey to the Emmanuel within. For those who don't know, "emmanuel" is loosely translated as God within us. I have through my life experiences come to know that this is an unexplainable yet uncontrovertable TRUTH which I am committed to sharing. I am presently writing a book in which I am teaching how to unlock the GOD within. I do not hold myself up as a GURU or a prophet but a humble servant of TRUTH. I am here to learn as you are and we are here to help each other on this journey. We all have a unique contribution to make and I invite anyone to make posts here. If I can help you with a question I will unhesitatingly do so and if anyone feels that they can answer any question that I or anyone else has placed here then please feel free to do so.

My Father in Heaven revealed to me that
" We are all expressions of God, perfect in that aspect of God that we exhibit; we engage this journey and fulfill our destinies when we come to see this TRUTH not only in ourselves but in ALL others." I welcome you on this journey, my friend, in love.