Note From the Universe

Monday, February 21, 2005

And so it begins...

So here we are at the start of the journey to the Emmanuel within. For those who don't know, "emmanuel" is loosely translated as God within us. I have through my life experiences come to know that this is an unexplainable yet uncontrovertable TRUTH which I am committed to sharing. I am presently writing a book in which I am teaching how to unlock the GOD within. I do not hold myself up as a GURU or a prophet but a humble servant of TRUTH. I am here to learn as you are and we are here to help each other on this journey. We all have a unique contribution to make and I invite anyone to make posts here. If I can help you with a question I will unhesitatingly do so and if anyone feels that they can answer any question that I or anyone else has placed here then please feel free to do so.

My Father in Heaven revealed to me that
" We are all expressions of God, perfect in that aspect of God that we exhibit; we engage this journey and fulfill our destinies when we come to see this TRUTH not only in ourselves but in ALL others." I welcome you on this journey, my friend, in love.


Margaret Rose said...
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Wayne World said...

Thank you for starting such a noble and enlightening journey. I look foreward to taking this trip with you !