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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The First Truth ..

What a wonderful day this day is!! Thank you Lord for life, health, love and wealth! The most amazing thing about becoming sentient is that suddenly you're awakening out of a daydream, your life before you became aware was running on automatic. Now everything is different, now we understand that we cannot slumber. We must be diligent to watch our thoughts since "as we think so we are". We now understand that we have ultimate power to create our own destiny. The first step in charting our own course is understanding that we are responsible for every single circumstance that exists in our life. EVERY SINGLE CIRCUMSTANCE THAT WE FIND OURSELVES IN, BE IT GOOD BAD OR INDIFFERENT, IS AS A RESULT OF SOME THOUGHT WORD OR DEED THAT WE HAD OR DID! If you cannot accept this first immutable truth, then you cannot achieve the ultimate success that you long for. Meditate on that - your failed relationship, your credit card balance, your stressful work environment, your ill health were all created by you. Nine out of every ten peoply will probably not fully appreciate this TRUTH but once you do you can begin the miraculous process of leading the life that you want!. My blessings to you.


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seeker said...

The question of whether or not I am in full control of my life and of what role God plays,if any,has always nagged me.I have a lot of respect for you and your writing.Mainly because I think you are writing with sencerity.But even though I don't and may never really know the answer to the question,I tend not to agree that "we are responsible for every single circumstance that exist in our life.
As is clear,our life starts in the womb.Or before.But I am not responsible for who my parents are.Nor my Language.Or race or color.At a later age:my education or the place I grow up.Some people inherit poverty and others wealth.At an older age,who will decide how tall we grow?And for those who appreciate science,we know genes play a role in our moods and behaviour.Some of us are loud some are soft.Some aggressive some romantic?
One may say we can control these behaviours.But the bigger question is who is to decide what behaviour is better?Sometimes aggression become absolutely necessary.Sometimes the opposite is just as effectively applicable.
Still theres another question above that...and it is this:Even if I am in control,full control,and we could all achieve what we want ,who is to say its going to bring about overall sucess for mankind.There's the positive and the negative,the high and lows darkness and light.sucess and failures.How can we know that one can function without the other?

KR said...

I enjoyed this post. We have similar opinions. I wrote something in my blog on mental attitudes and thoughts as causal / creative forces in our lives...
Mental attitude and thoughts as casual forces in life:

We are each the maker of our own selves and conditions, because thought itself is causal and creative, and appears in our character, actions, and lives in the form of results.

There is a school of thought that there is a law within our minds that weighs our lives in "the faultless balance of equity". It upholds that, as nurturers of our own thoughts and mental attitudes, we, as individuals, are the makers of the state and condition of our lives. That concept is pretty hard to swallow upon first approaching it. I worked for 7 years at an inner-city Boys and Girls Club, and I witnessed daily the cycle of poverty and demoralization that perpetuated itself in the children of our community, many of whom had children of their own, and were themselves the children of child-parents (I knew several 30-year-old grandparents).

As children, patterns are set that affect our inner- and outer- world views, often for the duration of our lives. But children become adults, and as adults, we can alter the patterns from childhood that shape our thoughts. To do this requires introspection and self-examination, and a willingness to accept as fact that each of us is the orginator of our own thoughts. In knowing myself and being consciously aware of the effects of my thoughts, the realization follows that my circumstances are the effects of inward causes. There are no accidents in my life, for both its harmonies and antipathies are the responsive echoes of my thoughts. Thus, I am the victim of circumstances of my own creation.

That is a hard-learned understanding, but it is also an empowering one, as well. Because as I come to know myself, I sense that law within my mind that demands balance and equity: every impure and selfish thought that I send out comes back to me in my circumstances as some form of suffering, while every pure and unselfish thought returns to me in some form of blessing. On my really bad days this holds true and rings clear, lifting my spirits. I know myself not as a peon flailing about, but as a master of the consequences of my own mental attitude, and thus the master of my circumstances.

As a person thinks, so his/her life appears...