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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Second Truth

All matter is made of energy. If we look at any item under a microscope and magnify sufficiently we will see that what appears to be solid is in fact not solid at all but made up of millions of atoms moving, colliding and held together by energy. Einstein went further than any other scientist by discovering that even the tiny atoms were not solid at all but were in fact made up of even more infinitesimal particles of energy. Every single thing that exists in this physical world first existed as pure thought. The chair you're sitting on, the clothes you're wearing, all first existed as a thought. Our thoughts are the purest form of energy. By combining, first thought, word and then action we make manifest on this earth anything that we want. It is important to understand that this truth exists whether we are aware of it or not. This is a spiritual law which operates without exception. So that we can go through life inadvertently allowing this truth to dictate our circumstances or we can harness this truth and waste no time on negative thoughts or actions. If you want to change your life change your mind!


Anonymous said...

I find these types of articles interesting and I do believe them with all of my heart. I have been on a spiritual journey for as long as I can remember. I have always felt differently from anyone I've known from the time of being a small child. I felt there was always more to life than the physical. I have attempted to connect with the non-physical realm for so long. Most times, I feel connected and that I commune with the non-physical realm.

However, as I practice the law of attraction (over many years), I recognize no effect in the physical world. This can lead to much frustration, yet, I continue on because there is no other way for me to live at this point.

Why, from your point of view, does a person in this time-space dimension, although she earnestly, lovingly, and truthfully practice the Universal Laws, does not experience NOW everything she has desired?

It is my hope that the response is something more than maybe the effect will happen in another lifetime because this explanation would feel like many responses when people say that sometimes the answer from God is no.

Brownangel said...

It is certainly a blessing to connect to like minded individuals, thank you for commenting on my blog.
I sense in the spirit from your comment that you are a truly genuine, loving and beautiful person on the inside and it saddens me to hear of your frustration. I, of course, am no oracle and I cannot question whether or not you are practicing the Universal laws accurately. What I can say from my experience is that manifesting NOW has to do with active FAITH. The longer a thing takes to manifest is possibly because of faith without action. And before you think that
I am questioning your faith please hear me out. When I first began on this journey I would connect with the Divine and in those moments of intimacy my faith would be strong and fervent - No doubt could cross my mind about my Fathers unconditional love and my creative power in him to bring all I desired to pass. However, without even recognising it when I left that intimate chamber and set out on my day and begin to deal with the usual issues that confront us on a daily basis, this faith would begin to wain. We then begin to see "REALITY" and not what we saw so clearly in the spiritual realm. Active faith exists,when even when it appears that the physical world is unaffected we act as if it most certainly is! So for example, let us say that you want to manifest a trip to an exotic location that in the physical realm seems impossible because you dont have one hundred extra dollars in your account and lets say everything seems to be going wrong, work becomes more intense, you can't get away - it is at this point that you must NOT GET FRUSTRATED it is at this point that you must go out and buy a new suitcase or clothes for the trip or actually make the bookings and continuously act in a way as if the object of our desire was already made manifest. Many times we think we are practicing the laws of attraction earnestly but really one thought, doubt or fear in the desire coming to pass could thwart our efforts. And it is so difficult in the face of daily struggles not to doubt. Sometimes our words or our actions defeat our attempts. If we are believing for abundance, it is then we must not save toward that end or expend great energy attempting to manipulate issues to achieve it - thereby trusting in our own efforts as opposed to the effortless channels of Divine abundance. Trying to manifest by our own physical efforts is the same as not having active faith and in so doing we block it's manifestation. There are so many other reasons as well, why we are not able to manifest in the NOW and none of them have to do with Divine Will - IT IS THE WILL OF THE DIVINE THAT WE HAVE DOMINION OVER THE PHYSICAL REALM - We were created with that GOD GIVEN POWER. JESUS CHRIST was the greastest example of what each of us can accomplish if we had faith as "little as a mustard seed". Other reasons are that some of us have, very deep down, negative feelings and thoughts about ourselves that are in fact operating to defeat our attempts at manifestation. Some of us suffer from low self esteem, self loathing or feel undeserving of happiness at a very deep level. So that even if we think in our conscious mind we are imaging what we want -subconsciously because of our inability to forgive ourselves for some past mistake, deep inside we dont feel worthy or deserving of the thing we desire. All of these blockages exist and need to be cleared for us to be effective at manifestation. For most of us, this is a life long work in progress. So dont get frustrated when that which you desire is not made manifest NOW - look deeper within and search in your heart for any negativity, doubt, fear and monitor your actions as you go out into the world closely to ensure that your headspace is always where it should be. Always prepare for your Good and it will come to you.. prepare as if it were a surety. If you are imaging a dream home - and you really knew you were going to get it very very shortly, wouldnt you be buying furniture, drapes, getting your insurance organised etc.. think about it...
"According to your FAITH be it unto you" - Matt. 9:29
I hope I have been a little helpful
Your friend

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