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Friday, February 25, 2005

Where is God?

Yesterday a close friend of mine asked me to do a 40 day course with her which was recommended by the best selling author Rick Warren through his book "Purpose Driven Life". I immediately accepted since I am attracted to any course of spiritual growth and empowerment. So I asked her to read me the foreword of the book over the phone and she did. She came to a point where the writer said "Self help books often suggest that you try to discover the meaning and purpose of your life by looking within yourself, but Rick Warren says that is the wrong place to start. You must begin with God, your Creator". As my friend read this I knew that I could not and would not do the course. Whilst I am not here to judge anyone or their belief's and I therefore say what I am about to say from the purest place of love - we are here to engage each other in this journey of life - to understand that we are all connected and that we all are one - What I do know is that that statement did not resonate as Spiritual Truth that I have come to know or re-member (as Neil Donald Walsch would say) through experience. The writer suggests we ought not to look within but we must look to GOD to find our purpose. The statement leads us to the question - WHERE IS GOD? If we look at the "Scriptures" (that the writer himself holds dear) - When Jesus taught us how to pray he said start your prayers like this " Our Father, who art in Heaven". Jesus also said "The Kingdom of Heaven (God) is within you". Therefore from the words of Jesus himself, God is within each and every one of us. Other scripture states "The body is the temple of the Lord" That is not to say that GOD is only within us - as we experience HIM we come to know that GOD is in all that is seen and unseen. God IS everywhere in everything. This is the concept of ominipresence that most theologians accept. The God Force holds all things together; so as we meditate on this we realise that truly We are all one with each other and with God. When you know that the Spirit of God resides within you, you know where to look for your TRUTH.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brownangel

The annotates that you have made as it relates to where is God? is seemingly well thought out with the references used being statements of truth. But statements of truth from the Bible should not be taken in isolation. If you hold or support the view that the kingdom of God is within "All" of us and Christ is the king. I beg to differ!Ominipresence can not be viewed in the same context with dwelling place and there is a difference between the Kindom of God and 'Heaven'. Remember that the anyplace that God dwelled from all of Biblical history was always a place of Holiness. Additionally, how could he be the kind of a kingdom where the individual don't know who he is much less themself. Knowing yourself must first come from knowing who God is as he is your Creator and Provider. So first comes being aware and understanding who God is which comes by the works someone telling of God's goodness and the Holy Spirit giving understanding, convicting and converting, then only then would we understand who we are. So when you say that we have to look within first and we will find God. If I don't know who God is how can I find him?

Margaret Rose said...

Lester, thank you for your comments here. It seems the entire premise of your statements is that the "Bible" and or christian teachings are the only points of reference for our understanding Divinity. I mean no offense to you and your beliefs, I wholly respect them and I believe at the end of the day that if your beliefs serve you in becoming completely self actualized as the Divine being that you are then by all means hold on to them. (A confession here:- I myself was a fanatical born again christian at one point in my journey) However, for those of us who do not see things as simply as this (i.e that all answers to spiritual questions can be found within the pages of one book which selections were brought together by the decisions of a few men under certain very specific circumstances- which is a whole different topic in itself) we have found our Truth from seeking our Higher Consciousness within. I pose a question to you Lester - if you think that you cannot look within to find God and that to find Him we must read the bible or accept christian teachings what then happens to the man who is born and lives his entire life on a desert, with no knowledge or exposure to either of these? Is he doomed to hell and damnation because he has not heard the gospel as you call it? What of the deaf, dumb, blind person - is this poor creature destined never to appreciate himself as the Spiritual being that he is? I believe that no matter our external circumtance, no matter our challenges, exposure or lack thereof to any particular doctrine or belief, we can turn to the greatest resource that exists - within us - the Spirit of God some may call it or the Higher Consciousness as others may call it. This resource reveals all Truth if only we take the time to seek it. I believe that when Jesus said "Ask and it shall be given to you...." "Seek and you shall find" "Knock and the door will be opened" that he made these statements without qualification and they referred to every single one of us. Lester you have said that "Knowing yourself must first come from Knowing who God is as he is your creator and Provider." I say to you that to truly know oneself is to know God.

Wayne World said...

Brown angel, I would like to let you know that you are inspiring and motivational! I have always felt exactly the same way. I know that Christians want to always throw Jesus in there somewhere, but I understand the scriptures perfectly well, and Jesus was a messenger, not a GOD!When the mailman brings me my bills, I don't pay him!Continue with these works my sisthren!!Amen and Amen!!!