Note From the Universe

Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Power of the NOW ..... the Third Truth

"The secret of awakening is to unconditionally accept this moment as it is!" Eckhart Tolle. If we were to analyse why we get depressed, feel unworthy or unhappy it is really because we are feeling an image that we have had of ourselves in the past or for the future crumbling or falling apart. This is usually a very painful experience which causes us trauma in the present moment that we are in. So that if we have lost a loved one, been told that we have a terminal illness, burdened by debts and hardships ... these are all issues that give us pain because of an image of ourselves that we have held on to,which we are now perceiving to be destroyed, lost to us forever. But if we were to start thinking not in terms of where we have been or where we thought we might have gone in the future and start appreciating exactly where we are, recognising in this moment that we have all the power to effect our circumstances right now, we easily separate from our depressive episodes and take control of our lives. Experiencing this third truth is true awakening. You combine the power of thought, word and action to create a result in the NOW, not looking to the future for happiness and fulfillment but knowing that it is yours right now. That space between now and then does not exist because every moment is NOW, every moment is an opportunity to be the best that you can be, to love and grow and experience what ever life presents you in that moment. If you get this you will see that right NOW is a time of peace and fulfillment. The responsibility for your NOW belongs to you and no one else.