Note From the Universe

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

So Pleased to Meet .. YOU!

We are all the best at who we are, every second of every minute of every day. Noone could be a better you than you. Stop following others and their paths or what society tells you is the best and most acceptable path. Stop looking for the affirmation of others for your choices. Lets continue to be co-creators of the beautiful tapestry of humanity. Each of us is a perfect and unique expression of God and as we each manifest our authentic selves we contribute to the best of humanity.

Commit your time and energy to pursuing your authentic self and trust me thats the best effort you could commit yourself too. When connected to who you authentically are and pursuing your own best self, though you experience life's challenges you see them as opportunities to grow and manifest more of who you are. Life is full of awe, excitement and unexplained blessings along your path. I wish this for you.

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