Note From the Universe

Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Singer Cant..

By Margaret Rose 26-03-06 

I always wanted to be a singer
Yes that was my dream.. 
But somehow I got lost 
Somewhere in between 
Pushed by the forces of life and it’s flows 
my dream to sing 
Where it goes Heaven knows 

Whitney, Mariah, Toni, Sade 
All of them inspiring me in their own way 
But now Im learning the truth 
A singer I may never be 
For a singer can’t sing the words that will set you free 

Im learning more and more with every passing day 
A singer can’t sing the words I have to say 

So much respect to Tupac, Biggy and JayZ 
I never thought I would be rappin 
Don’t have your pedigree 
I’m certainly not trying to be what I’m not 
I’m just speaking these words 
And it came out hip hop 

You see I’m from the Caribbean 
The Isle of sea and sun 
Steel pan and kaiso 
For that we are number one 
Africa I am India I be 
Two Halves of the whole Inside of me 
But my story is the same as yours 
Though we may look different 
And come from different shores… 
It’s the story of shared struggle, shared pain and history 
They made slaves of your papas 
Just like they did to me 

And there’s power in this knowledge 
That we come from a shared past 
Takes us just that step further 
To our future… at last 
For we all are one 
No matter what we do 
They tried so hard to separate us 
From each other 
From the truth 

That we were Kings and Queens 
Ruling in our day 
More wealthy than the scavenger traders 
That we let come our way 
From Akhenaton to Shaka Zulu 
Imhotep to Selassie 
No greater rulers were there 
With wisdom and integrity 

And all great nations were built
By the sweat of our ancestors 
Their industries flourished 
While our identity splintered 

So you see I can’t sing 
About sex, ho's and bling 
When my people have been stripped 
Of every single thing 
That unites us 
That teaches us 
Who we really are 
We’re Not the hoodlums in the Bronx 
Or the pimps behind the bar 

Im learning more and more every day 
A singer can’t sing the words I want to say 

The way Today 
We all live a life so enriching 
a future so fulfilling 
because of my people’s toiling 

Elevators invented by Alexander Mills 
And if it weren’t for our black brothers 
Cars wouldn’t be going up hills 
Air conditioning and Heat 
They all came from our street 
From Fred Jones and Alice Parker 
And We got the lamp from Lewis Lattimer 

They say we’re unkempt Why don’t we tidy our clothes 
Their ironing board, and their clothes dryer our people invented those! 
Why don’t we teach this in our schools 
Make our young minds yearn 
So that our hearts would be inspired 
By the Truth that we will learn 
So that we will lift our heads high 
And appease our quiet fury 
As we are taught 
That our past 
is so much more than slavery 

And so you see 
Where’s the hope for me… 
I thought one day I’d be a singer 
Belting out R&B 
But my words were drowned out 
By the sweet melodies 
And my ever increasing need to please 
Until one day I stopped 
And I smiled as I knew 
I’d never be able to sing these words to you… 

SO until I find a producer 
With the rhythm and the beat 
That could turn my words of prose Into melodies so sweet 
Until I can capture 
My spirit in a song 
In the iambic pentameter 
And not sound all wrong 

Im learning more and more everyday 
That a singer can’t sing the words I want to say…

Saturday, May 05, 2012

And so a renewal

A year has passed.  Much has happened. There has been challenge. There has been growth. Most of all there has been a reaffirmation of my chosen path.